Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby, the fourth storm of this Atlantic Hurricane Season, has been battering Florida for days.  Spawning more than two dozen tornadoes, Debby’s strong winds have caused power outages and significant property damage around the state.  The most serious problems, however, are being produced by this storm’s relentless precipitation.

Essentially stalled over the Gulf of Mexico since Saturday, Debby has unleashed torrential rain and high storm surges up and down the Florida peninsula, causing widespread flooding.  The northern and central parts of the state have been particularly hard hit. According to the NWS office in Jacksonville, rainfall totals for this storm, so far, range from 15 to 20 inches across northern Florida.

Stretching out 205 miles from its center, this massive and slow moving storm finally made landfall late this afternoon. It is forecast to travel across the state and move out into the Atlantic Ocean by the end of the day tomorrow.  Before leaving, however, Debby is expected to unload even more rain on the already saturated Sunshine State.

It is hard to believe that many parts of Florida were suffering under serious drought conditions only a few weeks ago.