2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

The 2012 hurricane season is off to an active start.  Two storms have already been named and the season does not officially begin until Friday.

Tropical cyclones, known as hurricanes in the United States, can develop around the globe at different times of the year. In this country, we are most affected by the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30.  Peak activity, however, is usually in late August to mid- September.

A hurricane season is an extended period of time in which the majority of storms are likely to develop. This tends to happen in the summer months, when the temperature difference between the sea surface and the air aloft is greatest.

NOAA is forecasting a near-average number of storms this year, despite the pre-season arrival of Alberto and Beryl. Below are the details of NOAA’s forecast for the 2012 season.

Chart Source: NOAA