Early Summer Heat Wave in NYC

Summer is off to a sizzling start in the eastern United States this year. The season only officially began on Wednesday and extreme heat is already gripping the region.

In New York City, we experienced our first heat wave of the year with three consecutive days of temperatures rising to the mid-90s. The average high for the city at this time of year is 81°F.  In addition to the searing temperatures, the city also had very high humidity levels, creating oppressive conditions.  According to the National Weather Service’s Heat Index, which combines temperature and humidity readings, it felt like we hit the triple digits in the Big Apple this week.

The dramatic increase in heat and humidity in the region is the result of a dominant Bermuda High. This is a subtropical area of high pressure that ushers in hot, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico to the northeast. This sweltering weather pattern, however, is about to change. A cold front is forecast to arrive this weekend, bringing cooler, less humid conditions to the area.