More Snow for a Winter Weary NYC

The weather system that clobbered the Deep South yesterday also delivered a glancing blow of wintry precipitation to New York City. The NWS reported a dusting of 0.8 inches of snow in Central Park.

Courtesy of a prolonged cold snap, this modest accumulation fell on top of the snow cover still in place from our last major storm. For some winter weary New Yorkers, it was too much.


Message written on a snow covered car in mid-town Manhattan.                                                   Image Credit: The Weather Gamut.

Winter Storm in the Deep South

A rare winter storm paralyzed large sections of the southeastern United States yesterday.  Serious impacts from snow, sleet, and freezing rain were felt from the Gulf Coast to Virginia.

According to the NWS, 2.6 inches of snow fell in Atlanta, GA – a new daily record for the region’s largest city. As a whole, the Deep South is not accustomed to wintry precipitation and most cities and towns are not equipped to deal it.  Salt spreaders and snowplows are in short supply across the region.  As a result, major roads turned into sheets of ice creating very hazardous travel conditions.

The timing of the storm made the situation even worse.  Arriving in the afternoon, many people were caught on the roads trying to make their way home. Officials have reported hundreds of traffic accidents and stranded vehicles.  Many people were even forced to shelter in place overnight in cars, schools, and stores.

Snow and ice bring travel to a stand still near Atlanta, GA.  Image Credit: Guardian LV

Snow and ice bring travel to a stand still near Atlanta, GA.  Image Credit: