Weather Whiplash for NYC

New York City was on a temperature roller coaster this week.  From unseasonably warm to brutally cold, we saw it all.

On Monday, it was 55°F in Central Park.  Then, in a matter of twenty-four hours, from 8 A.M. on Monday to 8 A.M. on Tuesday, the temperature in the city dropped 51°F!  With a low reading of 4°F on Tuesday morning, the Big Apple set a new record low for the date.  This dramatic change was ushered in by a weakened polar vortex and a deep dip in the jet stream.  After a few days of bitterly cold conditions, the mercury climbed above freezing on Friday and then continued to rise. On Saturday, the city’s temperature reached a relative balmy 58°F!  Our average high for this time of year is 38°F.

From the mid-50s to the single digits and back again in a matter of six days, it felt like weather whiplash!  Temperature swings of this magnitude in NYC are very unusual.

Image Credit: The Weather Gamut

Graph Credit: The Weather Gamut