NYC Monthly Summary: July 2015

July is normally the warmest month on the calendar for New York City, and this year was no exception. Despite getting off to a relatively cool start, the month brought us five days with temperatures in the 90s. These hot days helped bring the city’s mean temperature for the month up to 78.8°F, which is 2.3°F above average.

While we had a few stretches of very warm and humid days, including some where the heat index reached  the triple digits, it is interesting to note that we did not technically have a single heat wave all month. In this part of the US, a heat wave is defined as three consecutive days with temperatures reaching 90°F or higher.

On the precipitation side of things, NYC was mostly dry. In all, we received 3.98 inches of rain in Central Park, which is 0.62 inches below average. Of this total, 1.95 inches fell in a single day as a cold front moved through the area triggering thunderstorms and intense downpours.  July is typically the wettest month of the year in the Big Apple.