NYC Monthly Summary: May 2015

May was unusually warm and dry in New York City this year.

With 26 out of 31 days posting above average highs, including 18 days with readings in the 80s, May felt more like summer than spring. Overnight lows were also well above average throughout most of the month. All together, the city’s mean temperature for the month was 68.5°F, which is 6.1°F above average.  That makes May 2015 the city’s 3rd warmest May on record.

In terms of precipitation, May was exceptionally dry. Coming on the heels of a parched April, the city, according to the latest report (5/28) from the US Drought Monitor, is currently in a state of moderate drought. All told, the city received a mere 1.86 inches of rain in Central Park. Of this meager total, 1.46 inches fell in a single day – the last day of the month – and caused localized flash floods. May, on average, typically brings NYC 4.19 inches of rain.

Graph Credit: The Weather Gamut

Graph Credit: The Weather Gamut

Graph Credit: The Weather Gamut

Graph Credit: The Weather Gamut

Names for the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Today is the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. While the number of storms expected to develop this year is low, their names have already been chosen.

Since 1950, each Atlantic tropical storm or hurricane has had a unique name.  They come from a set of six rotating lists produced by the World Meteorological Organization. A name is retired only when a storm was particularly noteworthy – causing a large number of fatalities or an extraordinary amount of damage. Some retired Atlantic Basin names include: Andrew, Katrina, and Sandy.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th. The names for this year’s storms are below.

2015 Atlantic Storm Names