Monthly Summary: March 2012

Record-breaking March temperatures were seen in many parts of the United States this year. Here in New York City, it was our second warmest March on record with an average temperature of 50.9°F. That is 8°F above normal.  We missed the all time record high from 1945 by only 0.2F°.

In terms of precipitation, the city entered record territory again.  After receiving only a meager 0.96 inches of rain, which is 3.4 inches below normal, this month became our fourth driest March on record.  Snowfall was also conspicuously absent this month.  On average, the city usually accumulates 3.6 inches of snow in March.  This year, however, there was none.

March 2012 marks the third consecutive month that the city has seen both above average temperatures and below average precipitation.

Graph Credit: MF at The Weather Gamut