October: A Wild Ride

October 2011 in New York City felt like a wild ride of weather. We had a bit of everything, from sunny 80-degree days to snow.

As a transitional month where we make our way from summer to winter, October’s wide temperature swings are not unusual.  The record breaking snowstorm storm at the end of the month, however, was exceptionally rare.

In the end, October finished wetter than normal with 6.09 inches of rain. That is 1.69 inches above average. We also had the record accumulation of 2.9 inches of snow. Most of this precipitation came at the end of the month with the nor-easter. In terms of temperature, despite the roller-coaster of changes, we finished exactly average at 57-degrees Fahrenheit. That is neither warmer nor colder than normal.  What a month!

Graphics Credit: MF at The Weather Gamut