A Look Back at Summer 2011

This summer was not the hottest on record for New York City, that honor goes to the summer of 2010 with 32 days of temperatures at or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The summer of 2011, however, was still pretty hot here with 20 days of temperatures at or above 90 degrees.  We hit 104 degrees on July 22, the hottest day of the season.

I have to admit that in the early part of the summer, I was concerned about the lack of rain and the possibility of a drought.  We received less than average amounts of rain in both June and July.  Then came August.  We had 18.95 inches of rain in the month of August. That is 14.52 inches more than normal.  Most of it came down during Hurricane Irene.

Summer 2011 will be remembered as the wettest summer on record in NYC with 25.23 inches of rain in a three month period.  It shattered the old record of 20.40 inches of rain from 1975.  And the rain keeps coming.