NYC 2014: A Year of Weather in Review

New York City experienced some noteworthy weather in 2014, especially extreme precipitation events and multiple extended arctic outbreaks.

Starting off brutally cold, the first week of 2014 produced a new record low temperature in Central Park when January 7th posted a minimum reading of only 4°F.  In fact, temperatures were so cold that first month that the Hudson River was filled with ice.  Several arctic outbreaks kept cold conditions in place for most of the winter and the term polar vortex went viral. When summer finally arrived, temperatures hovered around average and not a single heat wave developed. The city typically sees 15 days per year where the temperature reaches 90°F or higher, but 2014 produced only 8. Despite the year’s memorable extended cold snaps, the city’s average temperature for 2014 was 54.37°F.  That is only 0.38°F below our long-term norm.

Precipitation was erratic in NYC during 2014. We had a number of significant rain events, but April 30th really stood out.  It brought the city 4.97 inches of rain – more than a month’s worth – in a single day making it the 10th wettest day on record in NYC. We also fluctuated between extremes like our wettest July in five years and our driest September in nine years. Overall, though, we were more wet than dry. The city received a total of 53.57 inches of rain for the entire year.  That is 3.63 inches above normal.

Snowfall was also abundant. February 2014 was our second snowiest February on record with 29 inches of snow measured in Central Park. January also delivered an above average snow total with 19.7 inches.  For the calendar year as a whole, the city accumulated 50 inches of snow, which is a staggering 24.9 inches above average. In terms of the meteorological winter (December 2013 to March 2014), it was the city’s 7th snowiest winter on record.

On the storm front, the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season was fairly quiet and left NYC unscathed. We felt only some nominal impacts like rain and rough surf from Hurricane Arthur over the July 4th holiday weekend as the storm moved north parallel to the coast after it made landfall in North Carolina.

Looking forward 2015!