An Autumn Chill in NYC

New York City, along with much of the northeastern US, is suffering from weather whiplash this week.

Last Wednesday, the temperature in Central Park soared to 85°F, setting a new record high for the date. This Wednesday, the mercury only made it to 51°F. That is a difference of 34°F! Our normal high for this time of year is 60°F.

Overnight lows in the city have also seen a dramatic decline. Dropping to 38°F early this morning, it was the coldest reading the Big Apple has seen since last April.

After enjoying summer-like conditions just a few days ago, these brisk temperatures are a reminder, albeit a jarring one, that autumn is a transitional season and winter is not too far off.

Ushered in by a dip in the jet stream, these chilly conditions are not expected to last much longer. Temperatures are forecast to rebound to more seasonable levels by the weekend.

A case of weather whiplash for NYC. Credit: The Weather Gamut.

A case of “weather whiplash” for NYC. Credit: The Weather Gamut.