NYC Monthly Summary: July 2016

July is normally the warmest month on the calendar for New York City, and this year, despite a relatively cool start, was no exception. Overall, 20 out of 31 days posted above average temperatures. These included ten with readings in the 90s, which is four more than what we typically see for the month. Additionally, July produced our first official heat wave of the summer. With overnight lows also running mostly above normal, the city’s mean temperature for the month was 78.7°F, which is 2.2°F above average.

In terms of precipitation, July was unusually wet and marked the first month since February that NYC received above average rainfall.  In all, we received a staggering 7.02 inches of rain in Central Park, which is 2.42 inches above normal. The majority of this plentiful total fell on four separate days in the form of intense downpours. Nonetheless, despite these soakers, NYC remains in a moderate drought according the latest report (7/26) from the US Drought Monitor.


July brought NYC ten days with temperatures in the 90s, which is four above average. Credit: The Weather Gamut.


More than seven inches of rain fell in Central Park this July. Credit: The Weather Gamut.

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