First Arctic Blast of the Season for NYC

After a delayed start, winter is off and running in the northeastern US. An arctic outbreak has sent the region into a deep freeze with many cities dealing with the coldest temperatures they have seen all season.

Here in New York City, the mercury fell to 11°F in Central Park this morning – the coldest reading the city has seen since February of last year. The high only made it to 29°F.  While this type of cold pattern is not that uncommon in January, it feels rather jarring after a record warm December. The city’s normal high for this time of year is 38°F and the normal low is 27°F.

Produced by a deep dip in the jet stream, these current frigid conditions are not expected to last much longer. But, after a brief warm-up, another shot of arctic air is forecast to hit the city next week. Keep those coats and gloves handy!

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