Weather Gamut Writer Interviewed on Weather Underground TV

On Thursday, I was asked to appear on the Weather Channel’s new show, Weather Underground TV (WUTV).  As a personal weather station owner, we discussed the recent dramatic temperature fluctuations in the northeast, thoughts about the upcoming winter season, and even touched on climate. It went very quickly, but it was a great experience!

The show, co-hosted by Mike Bettes and Sarah Dillingham, covers breaking weather news, but also dives into the science behind the weather and the challenges of forecasting. With a bevy of experts from both the Weather Channel and Weather Underground on tap to discuss the topics of the day, the two-hour program is always interesting.  Simply put, it is must see TV for anyone interested in the “why’s” and “’how’s” of weather.


Weather Gamut writer, Melissa Fleming, talks with Sarah Dillingham on WUTV, October 29, 2015