An App to Visualize the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in South Florida

Sea level rise is one of the most pressing aspects of climate change for coastal communities around the globe.  Here in the US, South Florida is especially vulnerable. Raising awareness of this issue, a team of professors and students at Florida International University (FIU) have created a web app called the Sea Level Rise Toolbox.

Utilizing elevation data from Google and sea level rise calculations made by FIU scientists, the app visualizes the potential impacts of a 0 to 6 foot rise in sea level for neighborhoods across Miami-Dade County. The goal of the app, according to Susan Jacobson, an assistant professor at FIU and the web app project manager, “is to inform residents of South Florida about the potential impact of sea level rise where they live.”

This eye-opening app is free and easy to use. Check it out at:

Sea Level Rise Toolbox.  Credit: FIU.

Sea Level Rise Toolbox. Credit: FIU.