Climate Change Note Included with Book Delivery

Climate change is a complex subject impacting all aspects of human society. In an effort to better understand the political and economic side of the subject, I recently ordered some books from a well-known e-commerce company. Arriving a few days later, they came with a little something extra.

Inside the box, someone left a note to tell me how they feel about climate change. Written in marker on a blank shipping label, it read: “It’s all about control and taxes.”

It is no secret that climate change – a scientific issue – has been hijacked by politics and feelings run deep. Nonetheless, in a world with so many forums to share your opinion, I find it strange that someone was so compelled by my choice of books to risk their job by leaving this note. While only a single incident, it hints at how much work needs to be done to build a consensus to address the most pressing environmental issue of our time.

Handwritten note included in delivery of books on climate change.                                              Image Credit: The Weather Gamut

Handwritten note included in delivery of books on climate change.  Image Credit: The Weather Gamut

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