Groundhog Day 2014

Today is Groundhog Day, the midway point of the winter season.

On this day, according to legend, the weather conditions for the second half of winter can be predicted by the behavior of a prognosticating groundhog.  If the groundhog sees its shadow after emerging from its burrow, there will be six more weeks of winter.  If it does not see its shadow, then spring will arrive early.

In New York City, our local weather-groundhog is Charles G. Hogg – more popularly known as “Staten Island Chuck”.  Earlier this morning, he saw his shadow and is predicting  another six weeks of wintry conditions for the Big Apple.

On the job since 1981, Staten Island Chuck’s “forecasts” have been correct about 82% of the time.

Staten Island Chuck, the resident weather groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo.  Image Credit: SILive

Charles G.Hogg, VII – the resident weather groundhog at the Staten Island Zoo in New York City.    Image Credit: SILive