Winter 2013 Drought Update

A plethora of winter storms have rolled across the continental U.S. this season, often producing impressive snow events.  Long-term drought, nonetheless, continues to plague many parts of the country.

According to the latest report from the US Drought Monitor, 51% of this nation is in some form of drought. While this number represents improvement for some areas, such as the southeast and mid-west, it is still bad news overall.  The heart of the drought remains in the High Plains, this nation’s agricultural breadbasket.  Conditions of moderate drought or worse cover 91% of the region with 24% suffering under exceptional drought, the worst possible category.

Experts say the High Plains require significant precipitation – at least 12 inches of rain or its snow equivalent – to quench the worst drought the area has seen in more than fifty years.


Image Credit: U.S. Drought Monitor