Arctic Blast Sends NYC into a Deep Freeze

Another arctic outbreak has sent a large part of the US into a deep freeze. Across the East, temperatures tumbled this weekend with some places experiencing the coldest conditions they have seen in decades.

Here in New York City, the mercury fell to just 3°F in Central Park early Monday morning. That is the coldest temperature the city has seen in 11 years, but not quite a record. According to the NWS, the record low for the date was set in 1888 when the temperature was only 1°F. Our normal low for this time of year is 29°F.

Produced by a deep dip in the jet stream, our current frigid conditions will be staying in place for a while. In fact, a reinforcing shot of bitterly cold arctic air is expected to arrive in the region later this week. These types of temperatures can be life threatening, so remember to bundle up!

Frozen Fountain in NYC's Bryant Park.  Credit: FOX

Frozen Fountain in NYC’s Bryant Park. Credit: FOX