Devastating Tornado in Oklahoma

Barreling through the Oklahoma City area on Monday afternoon, a powerful tornado leveled the suburb of Moore, OK.  It claimed the lives of twenty-four people and injured hundreds of others.

The National Weather Service has rated this deadly twister as an EF-5.  That is the highest ranking on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.  On the ground for forty minutes, with winds in excess of 200 mph, this powerful storm cut a path of destruction seventeen miles long and more than a mile wide.

Located in the heart of tornado alley, this community is no stranger to severe weather events.  Moore was in the path of the infamous tornado of May 3, 1999 that set the record for the fastest wind speed ever recorded, 318 mph.

As it has in the past, this town is planning to rebuild.  The price of which, according to current insurance estimates, is expected to exceed two billion dollars.

A field of debris from Monday's EF-5 Tornado in Moore, OK.

A field of debris from Monday’s EF-5 Tornado in Moore, OK.

Image Credit: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office/ABC