Weather Gamut Writer Makes Second Appearance on WUTV

Today, as a personal weather station owner in New York City, I was invited to make a second appearance on the Weather Channel’s new show Weather Underground TV (WUTV).  A huge fan of the program, I was thrilled to be asked back!

We discussed the unusually warm temperatures in the Northeast, the rainy conditions for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, and the low probability of seeing a white Christmas in the city. We even touched on how NYC’s public transportation system helps commuters avoid the problems that rain and fog can cause in other places.

The show, which airs on weeknights, is co-hosted by Mike Bettes and Sarah Dillingham. It covers breaking weather news and taps a bevy of experts to dive into the science behind  different weather events.  It is always worth watching.

"Weather Gamut" writer, Melissa Fleming, makes 2nd appearacne on WUTV, Dec 1, 2015

“Weather Gamut” writer, Melissa Fleming, talks with Mike Bettes on WUTV.