Blizzard of 2013

A massive winter storm clobbered the northeastern Unites States overnight.  Snow accumulated from New Jersey to Maine with some areas collecting more than three feet.

This storm was a classic winter nor’easter.  It formed when two weather systems – one with cold air coming in from the west and the other with warm air approaching from the south – merged and moved up the coast.  The deep moisture content of this particular event, however, helped make it an exceptional snow maker. In producing both heavy snowfall and powerful winds, this storm brought travel of all kinds to a standstill across the region and caused widespread power outages.  Some communities also experienced coastal flooding.

In New York City, we received 11.4 inches of snow in Central Park.  While this was a minor accumulation compared to nearby cities and towns, it was the most snow the Big Apple has seen in two years.

The northeastern Blizzard of 2013, as seen from Space

The northeastern Blizzard of 2013, as seen from Space

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory